Types of Membership

Graduate Membership

Graduate Membership is the first stage of Membership of the Club and is a preliminary to Full Membership. All members must complete the Graduate period.

It is open to anyone over the age of 18 years with an interest in mountaineering, on payment of the Graduate Membership subscription and upon acceptance by the Committee.

Graduate Membership lasts 12 months during which the Graduate Member should attend a minimum of 3 full weekend meets. One of the meets must be a 'work meet' at the club cottage Cae'r Fran in Llanberis. The12 month Graduate period is intended to give a new member time to meet a fair selection of the membership and find out if the Club is what they are looking for. A Graduate may repeat the12 month Graduate period at the discretion of the Committee, should unforeseen circumstances have prevented them from complying with the meet attendance requirement.

The Graduate Membership subscription is £25-00p P/A

Full Membership

A Graduate Member may apply for Full Membership 12 months after their acceptance as a Graduate Member. Applicants for Full membership need the support of a Proposer and Seconder both of whom must have been Full Members for 1 year. Acceptance as a Full Member is by the simple majority vote of the Committee and the payment of the appropriate fee.

Full Membership is life long subject to the payment of the annual subscription.

Full Membership subscription is £25-00p P/A

Life Membership

This was offered to Full Members in the very early days of the Club. The idea was to raise money at a time when things were expanding rapidly and facilities were needed to accommodate the expansion. Life Membership was withdrawn in the late 1960's and is not currently available. There are only 6 Life Members.

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership has been awarded to a few Full Members who have rendered valuable service to the Club for many years. Election to Honorary Life Membership is by Majority vote at the Club's AGM.

There are only 3 Honorary Life Members.